The predecessor of CKD, “Japan Aircraft Electric Co., Ltd.” was founded in 1943, and it changed its name to “Chukyo Electric Co., Ltd.” in 1945.

CKD began with developing, designing, and manufacturing automatic machinery such as a vacuum tube manufacturing machine and a fluorescent lamp manufacturing machine.

CKD now has 500,000 selections, consisting of 140 product categories in automatic machines, and 7,000 product categories in pneumatic and fluid control components over the 70 years from its foundation.

These various CKD products have been accepted by large number of customers not only in Japan, but globally with continued effort to increase sales and production capacities.

For sales capacity, we’ve established subsidiaries in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mexico to support customers more empathically and closer than ever.

For production capacity, we’ve established subsidiaries in Indonesia as our fifth plants out of Japan, and start production to offer pneumatic components

to the customers in highly growing Southeast Asian countries, together with our plants in Thailand and Malaysia.

For the products, we will develop products to meet global standards by incorporating the opinions from our global customers.

We will keep acting for the future by focusing globalization of sales, production, and products, to achieve higher target, not satisfied with status quo.

And we will continue our effort to contribute to build rich society through our business activities to create sustainable society, which is our corporate philosophy.