Jmec Compressed Air Dryer

Jia Meng Electric Co., Ltd., the leading professional manufacturer of compressed air purification products(compressed air dryer, desiccant air dryer and air filter), was built in 1980 and located in the central of Taiwan. The whole land scale is 11000 square meter with modern manufacturing facilities. Based on five automatic mass production lines, reasonable production process and multilevel quality control system, 7000 units air dryers per year is reachable.

Keep investing in R&D and sales network for better compressed air purification products and after service for the whole industry is our permanent policy. ISO9001 certificate are only the essential promise to our customers worldwide.

Jia Meng is always aggressively in promoting us to the world. South East Asia, North East Asia are easy access to us. The distribution systems have been built up in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Korea, so that your variable requirements can be satisfied immediately. Found to last. Sales to world . Make to pro!

Jmec Dryer Catalogue
JMEC Compressed Air Dryer Control Panel
JMEC Compressed Air Dryer Specification
JMEC Compressed Air Dryer Working Diagram
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