Since Toyox was founded in 1963, we have worked as a pioneer in pressure-resistant hoses and couplings to convey fluids in every sort of application. We have developed hoses and couplings for a range of applications, including manufacturing plants, construction and home appliances. We also make recommendations for integrated fluid transportation systems. Thanks to the support of all our customers, Toyox is number one in Japan for pressure-resistant hoses.

Since we began business in 1963, we have worked as a pioneer in pressure-resistant hoses and couplings, innovating solutions to problems in a variety of applications.

Toyox works to develop products that satisfy the needs of our customers, working around the themes of safety, security, energy conservation, the environment and ease of use.

Although factory automation was said to be a difficult challenge for hose manufacturers, we stepped up to the plate early and began delivering high-quality, high-functional products using unique production techniques and composite extrusion technologies we developed. Toyox was the first in the industry to develop a one-line production system, and we were also leaders in implementing completely automated, high-speed production systems.

We established a Technology Center to ensure customer satisfaction and product safety customers can trust, and every day the center is engaged in proactive efforts to verify the safety of our products and develop products that meet the needs of our customers.

Toyox answers the requirements for a wide range of applications with a rich variety of hoses and couplings.

There are many different applications in which fluids need to be transported, and hoses and couplings must be suited to the fluid, and working conditions like pressure and temperature.

We have developed a variety of products to meet those conditions. We are also constantly working proactively to find new solutions to ensure our products work in every situation possible.

Toyox has a variety of product lines with hoses and couplings suitable for any application in any industry. Whether it is plant equipment or machinery, we have hoses and couplings that can meet your needs. We produce heat-resistant, oil-resistant and chemical-resistant hoses and couplings, as well as hoses and couplings for use with foods or to deliver fluids by pressure or vacuum.

Here are some of the suggestions we have for Toyox hose and coupling combinations:

    1. Hoses and couplings that are safe and reliable, and can be used for high-temperature cleaning

    2. Hoses and couplings for food products that do not require cleaning and prevent fluid pooling inside

    3. Food product hoses and couplings that can be modified in the plant and be reused

    4. Antistatic hoses and couplings to reduce defects in molded products

    5. Hoses and couplings resistant to condensation for safe operation

    6. Anti-leak hoses and couplings that do not come apart during operation

    7. Hoses and couplings that conserve energy and reduce maintenance while meeting operating standards

    8. High-efficiency hoses and couplings for fast fluid delivery

We can help you find optimal hose and coupling combinations to meet your application and needs.